Marijuana & Cannabis Resources

Staying informed is important, we have compiled a list of cannabis resources to make it convenient for you. Medical marijuana laws change frequently, new medications become available, having these links at your fingertips in one location makes it much faster to access the cannabis resources you need. Bookmark our page and go from there.


Florida Department of Health:

Florida Medical Marijuana Use Registry

Leafly (go-to source for strain-specific information, dispensary locations, and more)


Are you a doctor/ do you sell medical marijuana?

NO, to both. We are educators and advocates. We can sell / resale hemp products.

Why do your service prices end in 420?

$4.20 of each service purchased is being put into a separate account with the intent to establish a non-profit servicing HIV/AIDS patients in Charlotte and DeSoto Counties, FL. 420 is a number recognized and associated with cannabis enthusiasts worldwide, with April 20 of each year considered an unofficial holiday.

Why did you pick $7.10 for your referral discounts?

As consumption of medical marijuana has increased, so has the various forms in which one can partake. Concentrates are often referred to as OIL, to spell oil upside down on a calculator, one would enter 710. Cannabis concentrate consumers have adopted 7/10 as an additional marijuana celebration day. (Plus it rhymes!)

Can I use cannabis if my employer uses drug-screening?

There are products available legally over-the-counter in all 50 states, containing 0.0- 0.3% THC (hemp) that many people have found helpful. Contact us directly to see if this may be a viable option for you.

Can I have a CWP and an MMJ card?

The short answer: YES! The long answer: Restrictions about purchasing from a federally licensed dealer/seller do apply. The new Commissioner of Agriculture for FL, Nikki Fried has addressed this issue extensively and she possesses both herself.

Facebook does have many medical marijuana forums/groups that provide updated information in real-time.

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