About Us

Questions about Cannabis? CannaGoals has Answers!

After self- medicating with marijuana for years, we at CannaGoals want to share our now legally medicated experiences with you. We want to save you money; learning about cannabis can be very time consuming and costly. Knowing the laws, guidelines, and foundations gives you a jump start on your journey. Feeling well is our number one priority! Disease and chronic conditions make it difficult to accomplish everyday tasks. Cannabis use may reduce inflammation, take the edge off pain and reduce anxiety; creating a catalyst for progress.

Many people have reasons for not partaking in medical marijuana (highTHC), we respect this and present alternatives. Offering a bridge gap of sorts, we can teach individuals about organic OTC hemp derived oral and topical products as an introduction to cannabis. Learn more by contacting us or signing up for a service.
Our vision for a green future includes educational and social activities such as medicate and meditate, elevated yoga, cannabis created art, and growing classes.

CannaGoals hopes to start a non-profit in the very near future. The primary focus of the non-profit will be to provide scholarships for financially needy medical marijuana patients in FL, with a focus on the HIV/AIDS communities in Charlotte and DeSoto counties.

Founder Dana Yocum is a FL MMJ patient, educator, and advocate. She holds a B.A. in criminology from USF, is a non-denominational ordained minister, certified Reiki Master, and received her Master’s in Cannabis from CTU. She has successfully discontinued use of 15 different prescriptions with replacement of medical marijuana. Some of the conditions she is treating with medical marijuana under physician supervision include: HIV (virus and symptom control), allergies, asthma, CPTSD, HSP/GAD (OCD), migraines, peripheral neuropathy, GERD, spinal stenosis, spondylosis, herniated discs in cervical, thoracic, and lumbar areas, and post concussion syndrome.